WHo Am I?

Hi I'm UnderMyCap! I am a small content creator that likes all things minecraft! I create lots of smaller videos breaking down all types of minecraft commands and features. I have started to make more comedic and interesting videos such as this video where you are able to choose the outcome of how the story in the video unfolds! Have a great day!

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Want to see behind the scenes content? Make sure to visit my instagram and leave a follow to get updated on channel, video and extra content updates! I also sometimes put up some shorts early as well as some clips from videos!

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Some Large Projects

Choose Your Own Way Pt1

Go on an adventure with Undermycap to try to find his friend Al with over 20 different endings

Choose Your Own Way Pt2

A huge storm has pulled Undermycap onto a mistirious floating island, try to help undermycap get back!

Joining Random SMP's

Undermycap explores minehut, visiting random worlds through its join random server feature