About Myself

Hey, i'm UnderMyCap! I am a small Australian content creator who enjoys all things minecraft. On my channel you will find a variety of videos such as my command tutorials and my interactive choose your own adventrue video where you can select the outcome of the video. My goal is to create new, fun and positive content that everyone can learn from and enjoy. So if your looking for some minecraft commands, entertainment and inspiration you have come to the right place! Subscribe and join the amazing community today!

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Hey! Do you want to know whats happerns behind the scenes of my videos? If you do, you should definatly check out my instagram and leave a follow. I post lots of sneakpeaks for new video content as well as lots of photos and video clips from my videos. Make sure to visit my Instagram here!

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Some Large Projects

Choose Your Own Way Pt1

Go on an adventure with Undermycap to try to find his friend Al with over 20 different endings

Choose Your Own Way Pt2

A huge storm has pulled Undermycap onto a mysterious floating island, try to help undermycap get back home!


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